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To Sesshoumaru Lovers

Here you'll learn all about Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western lands! You can look up Sesshoumaru's looks, attacks, his history, etc. I am a devoted Sesshoumaru fan and I've gotten my information from the manga Inuyasha and the anime (non-dubbed).

On this home page, I'll introduce Sesshoumaru-sama and talk about why he deserves a website with factual information not opinion. Also I will alternate the picture on the right with many other Sesshoumaru-sama pictures!



10/29/05 -Okay, I updated, there are a few new pages, a message board and a few other things. Go search and discover them...^__^
~Katagawa ^.^
10/29/05 -Sorry for not updating in so long...I've been...lazy...well, to make it up to you all, I'm going to do a lot of work on it right now...
~Katagawa ^__^
4/24/05 -Welcome to my brand new web site! I still have a lot of updating to do but I've been working non-stop for hours so now I'm going to go to sleep! I'll update as soon as possible though! Bye!
 ~Katagawa-chan, a.k.a Sesshoumaru's lover. ^.~ lol see ya

4/25/05 Today I added 2 new pages! Now you can look up some of Sesshoumaru's attacks. Yes I am aware there are more and I will get to them but I don't have time right now. Also I have many more Sesshoumaru pics than that to put up (trust me I do -_-;;) lol BYE,

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