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Sesshoumaru's Family

On this page I'll describe each member of Sesshoumaru-sama's family. Yes, even the hanyou.

The Inu No Taisho


Here is the magnificent Inu no Taisho, previous Lord of the Western Lands and father of both the great Sesshoumaru, and the also great, but not as great, Inuyasha-sama! Also where Sesshoumaru-sama and Inuyasha-sama get all their good looks from.  ^_~

Half brother, Hanyou...
...and PROUD


This is the well known half-brother of Sesshoumaru-sama, Inuyasha-sama. He is also cute with his little doggy ears but he can't quite match Sesshoumaru-sama. He is a hanyou after all. Anyway, this half-demon, half-human, has a bad temper and a huge ego. But if he didn't he wouldn't be Inuyasha-sama, so we forgive him.

Possible family to be?
Sesshoumaru-sama does seem to have a soft spot for her. ^_^


This is Rin. She is a human child who tried to help Sesshoumaru-sama when he was hurt after getting his arm chopped off by Inuyasha-sama. She was later killed by Kouga-sama's wolves but Sesshoumaru-sama found her and 'tested' Tenseiga on her, bringing her back to life. Normally Sesshoumaru-sama can't stand humans but this little girl has start to warm his "cold" heart.

Other, possible family to be...
...if Inuyasha-sama could get past that huge ego. -_-;;


This is Kagome-san. She is the reincarnation of Kikyou-sama. Kagome-san too has miko powers, but hers are not as powerful as those of Kikyou-sama. Kagome-san, also like Kikyou-sama has fallen in love with Inuyasha-sama. But she is to afraid to tell him because she thinks he will reject her because he's still hung up on Kikyou-sama. But if those two ever tell each other they like each other, and get married she will be Sesshoumaru-sama's half-sister-in-law.