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This are my opinion on nicknames for Sesshoumaru-sama, you do not have to like nor respect what I think, I just put this here to show people some things they didn't realize abut their Sesshoumaru-sama nicknames.

Okay, I think that nicknames are very important. Saying Sesshoumaru-sama or Sesshoumaru is a task for a lot of people so they have come up with the nicknames:
and many more...well I have been wanting to say...I recently discovered that the Japanese word for Sesshi means Celcius...therefore I no longer like calling Sesshoumaru-sama by that nickname...
Also the ever-popular nickname, Fluffy, I know people like to call him that due to his mane/tail but I find it very disrespectful, Sesshoumaru-sama is in fact, Sesshoumaru-sama Demon Lord of the Western Lands,

and calling him Fluffy completely trashes his image as the ever powerful Demon Lord. For those true Sesshoumaru-sama fans, do you really think he would put up with being called that? I have found myself calling him Sessi, this nickname is a nice way to shorten his name without calling him celcius but there is a problem witht this one too...Sesshoumaru-sama is a Japanese character, made in Japan, and the Japanese language does not have a character for si instead the character is shi bringing us back to Sesshi... -.-;;
I personally have yet to find a good nickname for Sesshoumaru-sama...if any of you have found/come up with a better nickname, please tell me about it and I'll put it up here! (With your permission of course)