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Sesshoumaru's attacks

The great Taiyoukai, Sesshoumaru-sama Lord of the Western Lands's Attacks
Dokkasou (Poison Flower Claw)
- Also called poison claws, Sesshoumaru's hand glows green and his claws secrete a very deadly poison, that melts through pretty much everything like acid. Sesshoumaru uses this attack to put a hole through Inuyasha's chest at one point in the series.

Energy Whip

-Sesshoumaru also has an whip of energy. It comes out of his claws and it appears as a beam of light. It is quite powerful. Sesshoumaru likes to use this attack to slap Inuyasha while dissing him about being a hanyou (half-demon)! Sesshoumaru can be so cruel at times!

-Sesshoumaru uses his extreme speed to dodge other's attacks. He also uses it to make his attacks hit his opponent. When you first meet Sesshoumaru you see him teasing Inuyasha aboout how he can't hurt him if he can't even catch up to him.
-The thing many people think is a Boa or some other fashion statement is actually Sesshoumaru's tail. The reason why it's over his shoulder all the time is because it's also his mane. He can use this as a weapon by grabbing people with it and smashing them to the ground. (He seems to like to do this to Inuyasha!)
Tenseiga (Heavenly Life Fang)
-The Tenseiga is an heirloom from the Inu no Taisho. It was forged of Inu no Taisho's fang by a swordsmith named Toto-sai. This blade can save 100 lives in one swing. But the "heartless" Sesshoumaru, claims this sword is worthless. The Tenseiga also has a mind of it's own in a way because whenever Sesshoumaru is in danger it will save him. Also Sesshoumaru does end up saving the human child Rin with it! Also the Tenseiga has a very powerful attack that works well against the dead called "Souryuuha" this attack is the equivalent to Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga's "Bakaruuha".
Tokijin (Fierce Fighting Fang)
-Tokijin is a sword with an awesome power. It was forged by Kaijinbou, a twisted disciple of Toto-sai. The sword was forged from Goshinki, one of Naraku's reincarnations. Sesshoumaru had a sword forged from this fang because he learned of how Goshinki managed to bite the tetsusaiga in half with ease. This sword has a great evil that will possess anyone who touches it, but Sesshoumaru was powerful enough to grab the sword without anything happening to him. This sword has the power to match that of the Tetsusaiga.

Youkai Powers

-Sesshoumaru is a full blooded dog demon. This alone gives him a huge advantage over many people. His demon heritage gives him extraordinarily good senses. He has an awesome sense of smell, hearing, sight, etc. Also Since Sesshoumaru is a DOG demon, he has the power to transform into a huge dog. In his dog form, he has razor sharp teeth, acid saliva, razor claws, his size, etc. The list goes on of Sessoumaru's youkai powers but I don't have enough room to write all about them all.


Sesshoumaru-sama can transform into a ball of light and float to wherever he desires. It isn't exactly warping but it's semi-close and I don't know what else to call it! ^_~