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About Sesshoumaru

This is the page where I'll describe Sesshoumaru-sama in a little more detail.

The all powerful Sesshoumaru!
Age:Over 3,000 (sadly this is true, Jaken said it)
Height:Unknown but about 6 foot
Family: Father: Inu no Taisho
            HALF-brother: Inuyasha
Companions (more like followers):
            Jaken: A very loyal toad demon, whose life Sesshoumaru saved (without even knowing it) by killing a huge demon that was in his way.
            Rin: A little human girl. Normally Sesshoumaru hates humans but this little girl tried to help him while he was hurt. She was then killed by Kouga's wolves, Sesshoumaru found her dead body and brought her back to life.

Sesshoumaru is the older half brother of Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru, unlike his half-brother, is a full blooded dog demon. He has inherited the Western Lands from his father and now rules them.You normally see him in his human form but he is actually a huge dog demon! Which also happens to be quite cute! ^_^


A tribute to our sexy little Taiyoukai!





What a hottie!

 Sesshoumaru has pointed ears, waist length silver hair, stunningly beautiful golden eyes with a purplish-red natural eyeshadow, a navy blue crescent moon on his forehead, and two magenta stripes on each side of his face. He wears a White kimono with a red cherry blossom pattern on the shoulders and sleeve ends. He also has heavy armour with spikes over his left shoulder. On his right shoulder he has his mane/tail. Around his waist is a yellow and blue cloth tied in a bow in the front, which holds his two swords, Tenseiga and Tokijin. Sesshoumaru, wears black shoes too. Also, Seshsoumaru has only one arm, because when you first meet Sesshoumaru, he fights Inuyasha for the Tessaiga and miracliously (for inuyasha) loses, by getting his left arm chopped off.





In his true form!

This is Sesshoumaru's true form! Yes, he really is a big dog! But, that's not all he is, Sesshoumaru-sama is a very respected demon Lord. He can kill anyone and he knows it! He is very powerful and at the same time extremely hott! He is supposed to be a 'bad guy' in the series, but he is loved by people everywhere for his beauty and mysterious and cold personality! Also, how 'bad' can a guy be if he saves both Jaken and Rin? This guy may have a cold exterior but he really can be sweet. Though that is not always the case with him because if you get on his nerves, well I'll just put this bluntly, your dead.
Our cute, yet not so cuddly doggy, Sesshoumaru!
Why they call him 'Fluffy'